Exams are a wonderful way for students to have a goal to work towards during the year.

It gives them a great feeling of accomplishment and achievement.


The RAD system encourages students to sit an exam from Primary level upwards. These are not compulsory until vocational levels, however are encouraged to maintain structure during the year, and ensure that students are achieving to a certain standard before moving upwards.

Students prepare for the exam in class and during extra lessons leading up to the day. Extra lessons are compulsory and are charged at an extra cost. 

On the day, students arrive and have there hair done to ensure they are entering in the best capacity. Teachers are there on the day to encourage and re-assure. Students then enter into the exam in groups no larger than four, and present exercises they have learnt in class. They receive a mark on specific criteria: 

Students in Pre-Primary sit what is called a 'Class Presentation' where they enter in larger groups with their teacher, and run a regular class that is watched by the examinar. They then receive a certificate of accomplishment.

Special consideration can be asked for for students with learning or physical needs- anyone is able to enter an exam.

Below is a video from the RAD all about the ins and outs of exam day.


See below for some photos of our 2017 RAD exams. Check out our Facebook page for photos from previous years.

RAD Grade Exams 2017

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