Q: how do i enrol?

A: If you have chosen which class seems suitable for you, then you can fill out an enrolment form here. If you have any questions, you can enquire here. Once an enquiry or enrolment is received, our Office Manager will ensure you are going into the appropriate class, and confirm your place. If you are a new student, a $25 non-refundable deposit may be asked for to secure your place in the class. From there, invoices are either handed out in the first lesson of the term, or emailed if the term has already commenced.

Q: I am being told the class is already full, what does this mean?

A: We have strict class sizes of 16 per class to ensure that everyone in the class in enabled to achieve to their best standard. To accommodate this, existing students have first choice, and then we go on a first in first served basis. If a class is already full, we can put you on a waiting list in case a spot becomes available.


Q. I have other children to look after, can i bring them along

A: Of course! If the child is able to sit in class and watch quietly they are more than welcome to view the class. However, if they are being disruptive we do ask you remove the child, and stay out of class until the end of the lesson. We have a dressing room available to wait in, with toys and videos.

The only exception to this is Twinkle Tots, where other children under 2 years are welcome to come along.


Q: do i have to stay and watch

A: No - we take full responsibility for your child during class time. However if your child is a little more nervous it may be reassuring to have you there. We do ask that you are on time to pick up your child, as we have no staff members outside of class to watch.

Q: Why do you have age limits on classes?

A: The syllabi that we follow in class for exams have very strict age limits that we must follow. For this reason we extend these down to our pre-school, so as students progress through the levels, there are no issues.

Q: i am not able to get a uniform ready for the first class, what should i do?

A: We understand that having a uniform organised for the first class is sometimes too much to ask. We do not mind if for the class you do not have the correct gear. We do however ask that you wear tight-fitting black clothes, so you are able to participate in the class. Socks are also a good substitute for ballet or jazz shoes.

Q: my child is under 7 years, why can't they do styles other than ballet?

A: We find that if students get a firm foundation in ballet, they are much more likely to succeed at other styles, and therefore enjoy it more.