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Jazz is a fun way to learn new moves and dances. It is influenced by many different genres of dance - musical theatre, Latin, funk, ballet and everything in between.

We start our classes at the age of 7 with an introductory year of Beginner Jazz, with no pressure of exams, and the focus on learning lots of steps and fun routines.

From there we then follow the NZAMD American Jazz Syllabus that progresses through the Grades up into Major levels by sitting annual examinations. Students learn a wide range of steps and combinations and get to learn many different styles of jazz.


Finding the right class for you:

We structure our classes mostly by age, however as the grades increase previous experience is required, so if your child is new to jazz they may need to start in a lower grade.


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lda Beginners

Beginner Jazz

7 - 9 years

We start new students with a year of Beginner Jazz, a structured and informative introductory year. With no pressure of exams, the focus is on learning a variety of steps to lead into Grade 1, as well as fun routines. Dancers are invited to participate in an item in the end of year show. Students must wear the regulation junior jazz uniform; see here for details.

Wednesdays | 5.00-5.45pm @ Rototuna High School

Grades 1 & 2

8 - 10 years

Mondays | 4.15-5.15pm (G2)
| 5.45-6.45pm (G1) @ Rototuna High School
Thursdays | 5.15-6.15pm (G1)


Grade 5*

11 - 13 years

Tuesdays | 6.45-8.00pm

Grade 3

9 - 11 years

Mondays | 5.15-6.15pm

Grade 4*

10-12 years

Wednesdays | 4.45-6.00pm


*previous dance experience required

Pre-Elementary & Elementary

12 - 14 years

Previous experience required

Mondays | 6.15-7.305pm (Ele)


14-15 years

Must have sat and passed NZAMD Elementary

Wednesdays | 6.00-7.30pm


Advanced 1 & 2 (& Solo seal)

15 + years

Must have sat and passed previous levels

Mondays | 7.30-8.45pm (Adv 1)
Wednesdays | 7.30-9.00pm (Adv 2)