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LDA Lyrical

Lyrical is defined by movements that are choreographed to the lyrics of a song, is often more emotional and portrays a story or feeling through dance. In class students learn moves and combinations that help build their strength in this style, as well as learning new routines every few weeks.  Routines incorporate steps and movements from Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary. For those unfamiliar with the concept, think of dances that would fit to an Adele song!

We began drop in class in 2016 to encourage students to undertake new and challenging styles. It was a hit, and has become a timetabled class since. It is a highlight for our students who enrol, as students are encouraged to focus on their performance and passion for dance, whilst incorporating their technique they learn in Ballet and Jazz.

There are no exams for this class, and students are invited to participate in a class item for the end of year show.


  • Students must be Pre-Elementary jazz or Intermediate Foundation ballet upwards (or equivilant).

  • Students must be able to show a strong understanding of dance, and be able to pick up new choreography.

  • Students are able to wear any tight fitting dance wear, though black is preferred. Most students wear leggings below the knee to accommodate floor work, and 'foot undies' to help with turning.