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Ballestics is a ballet-based fitness class set to some of your favourite music.

The routines performed in class are designed to work on ballet-specific techniques, whilst increasing your cardio fitness levels and strength. The routines are designed to be adapted to any skill or fitness level.

Hayleigh Rossetter, our resident Scotsman is the only registered Ballestics instructor in New Zealand. With her infectious energy, booming Scottish accent and high skill level, you are bound to enjoy the class and gain new skills and friends simultaneously.

For more information on Ballestics, please see their website here. 

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16 years + (or as discussed)

Tuesdays | 7.45-8.45pm
Saturdays | 3.15-4.15pm




10 block pass | access to any 10 classes - $100

Casual rate | cash payable on the day - $15 per class